The new year is a time of reflection. We often look back at the year we just had and make personal resolutions for ways we can improve the year to come. It is a time of cliches and of 'new year, new me' promises that we often fail to keep come mid January. This year at Fleur of England we're trying to do things a little differently. Instead of setting ourselves unrealistic resolutions we are looking into ways in which we can improve our wellbeing for many years to come. Forget the fad diets, here are a few of the things we will be doing in the upcoming year to ensure we are making the most out of life.

Be Brave & Curious

This could mean taking that solo trip you've always been dying to take but just haven't had the confidence to do; it could mean changing your career and following your passion. This year we are aiming to be more brave and more curious in all aspects of our life, worrying less about what others might think and doing what is right for us.


new years eve


Live in the Moment

It is all too easy nowadays to get caught up in a society obsessed with social media, we are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones scrolling through our Facebook feed or looking at photos on Instagram. For us, living in the moment means putting down the phone, stepping back from technology and taking time to appreciate the now. You can achieve this through simple things such as going for walks out in nature, taking the time to sit a read a book or slipping on your favourite pyjamas and taking a moment to feel the softness of the silk against your skin.



new years resolutios




Wear More Lingerie

This one speaks for itself.

Well fitting lingerie changes your posture and makes you feel special, changing the way you hold yourself and making you exude confidence. We believe that it is something you should indulge in. Good lingerie is the base of every outfit. It gives you shape and support, as well as confidence to go out and live life your way.

So, what will your year bring?

The Fleur Girls x